18 Apr 2017

Snap General Election - 8th June

There has been a big surprise in the UK today, with the Prime Minister announcing that she is going to call an early General Election. I have checked the calendar, it is not April 1st, it does seem to be true. There really will be a General Election on 8th June, subject to the technicality of Parliament approving that in a vote tomorrow.

As the Conservatives have a massive lead in the opinion polls and nobody in their right mind is going to think that UKIP, Labour or the Liberal Democrats are currently fit for office, I can see the thinking behind Theresa May's gamble. If she wins this vote on 8th June, the Brexit bashers and Remoaners will have the rug pulled from underneath them, Theresa May and the Conservatives will have a fresh mandate and we can move forward with the Brexit project. If she is successful, that gives her a full three years after we leave the EU in 2019, to get the UK settled again before the next General Election would be due in 2022.

It is a brave decision, but potentially a very good move if the gamble pays off.

Needless to say, all the other parties will now be trying to pull the rug from underneath the Government and Brexit, so I am afraid that we are in for a delightful few weeks of political squabbling.

And lets not forget that David Cameron gambled on winning the EU referendum last year, and lost.

Meanwhile, the local elections on 4th May have suddenly taken on a much greater significance. They will be seen as a dry run for the General Election a month later. I expect the turnout in the local elections to be higher than might otherwise have been the case and candidates who thought they were in safe local seats to have more of a fight on their hands...

We live in interesting times.