3 May 2017

A Belated Appreciation of Clockwise

I found the 1986 film "Clockwise" on a VHS tape recently, so decided to watch it again.

The first time I saw it was in the cinema in Southport and I thought it was quite good. It subsequently appeared on TV but after several other viewings it wore a bit thin. There then followed a period of perhaps 20 years, where I've not seen this movie at all.

The prospect of watching it again after that length of time didn't really inspire me, but as my DVD player was faulty and this was the only pre-recorded VHS tape that appealed to Heidi, I popped it in to the VHS player and pressed the play button.

I was then pleasantly surprised at how good the script was.

The film started off reasonably normally, with an eccentric but otherwise very successful Headmaster (John Cleese) monitoring the many dubious activities (pupils and staff) in the grounds of his Secondary School. The film then progress through a series of unfortunate but entirely avoidable incidents, leaving a trail of chaos that eventually catches up with the Headmaster in his moment of glory. I thought it was brilliant. This movie really has improved with the passage of time...

Perhaps I look at this film differently now that I am 20 years older, or is it that modern film/TV comedy only knows how to be rude and offensive, so cannot replicate this Fawlty-esque kind of humour...?

I honestly don't remember hearing a single swear word in Clockwise. That was so refreshing.

Show me another modern comedy that delivers as many laughs without swearing.

I will bet you a cheese sandwich that you can't do so...