Due to the abysmally poor performance of affiliate banner marketing, I have recently stopped carrying affiliate banners on this site, though I do still use affiliate text links and certain self-optimising widgets.

That means that banner advertising on this blog is now limited to Google Adwords (or other PPC) and direct placement only. Put simply, if I carry your advertisement on this blog, I expect to be paid for doing so.

Google Adwords /Adsense
Now I do vary the size and position of individual ad units periodically, so I strongly recommend that you place your ad via one of the following channels instead;
  • TGR Worzel Link Units (5861879248)
  • TGR Worzel multi-site (8141351244)
  • TGR Worzel Personal Blog (8926060046)
  • TGR Worzel Prime (5840612842)
  • TGR Worzel right sidebar (3408066442)
  • TGR Worzel below post (6197686049)
  • TGR Worzel above post (6058085245)
The following Google ad units are currently being displayed on my blog;
  • One responsive ad unit, above the blog post
  • One 300x600 skyscraper at the top of the right sidebar
  • One 300x250 rectangles iin the middle of the right sidebar
  • Two 120x90 link units, in the middle of the right sidebar
  • One 468x15 link unit below each post.
  • One search box
Any or all of these ad spots may be replaced with direct placement advertising.

Direct Placement
This approach creates more work for me, but because the banner links directly to your website without using any third-party software or cookies, it has the advantage of beating the adblockers.

If you would like to directly place an ad on this site, either replacing one of the existing Google ad units or in another position of your choice, please contact me via We can then discuss your requirements and my placement fees.